Monday, December 12, 2011

Diary 111: My 2011 Part I

My 2011:) Full of so many wonderfully wonderful things. This summary will be up side down as all is in Alice in Wonderland land. I can honestly not remember in order what has happened...!!!

All I do know is that I had a life before my Iphone and a different one after:) These are All saved on my Iphone just incase something happens with my computer.

Ok enough of rambling!

I went to Rome (images 1-6) in the spring time with my family because my aunt (second mother) turned 60! So much amazingly good food and wine. Stunning churches & men:) I am wearing a Rachel Zoe dress for Lindex (a swedish chain store) and a Marc Jacobs bag. The Royal Wedding happened (Images 7-9). I went to the Swedish Church in London to view it on a big screen tv. We got cake and champagne. It was Such a fun day. I fell in Love with a designer called Vivetta. I shot her Fall collection to be seen on my Coquette any day now. There will to be an interview with her to go with the images. The girl was wonderful, Alma who is with mandpmodels. (image 10).  I styled a story with my wonderful friend Lowe Seger (image 11, Lowe is filming the love). The lunch was so much fun, this is the whole team in image 12. Images 13 & 14 just shows a tiny bit of my obsession by color and flowers. I have started to play around with apps like a maniac. My neighbours has such adorable gardens and cats to go with them:) Image 15. 16 & 17 = Me! Full on Vintage except the sunnies in image 16 which are Balenciaga. I have been in Love with/ Obsessed with Swans for a very long time as you might know. These I go to visit now and then in Kensington Gardens. Images 18-21.

This was part 1.


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