Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Diary 117: Some Days in Uddevalla, Sweden

I was born and raised here! It's where my closest friends live and the whole of my family. These past day's has been the most wonderful ones I've had in a very long time.

Images: 1-2 Some parts of central Uddevalla. The cafe is the place I used to drink coffee at almost every day as a teen. 3-4 Gustafsberg, Uddevalla. The cafe was the cafe me and my friends spent time at all Summer long. The yellow house to the right in image 4 is a hostel. One of my summer's here, it was my job to clean it. That summer was actually my happiest summer ever. 5-7 This is one of my best friends and her children. From yesterday. 8-15 My Christmas with family:) Hallelujah what a perfect day we all had. The baby is my cousin's newborn (23 days old...). One can see us together here.The 2 men I call my Step Father's!!! Such cuties. 16-18 This is my family on my Dad's side. My former step mother, Siv, invited me to spend Christmas day with them. That meant the world to me since my 3 brothers all came including my father with his new wife. Siv's sister (image 17, the blond woman! The boy to the left is my youngest brother) with children came as well:) Growing up I looked up to this sister of hers. They owned a hair salon and were Always perfectly coiffed. The salon's name? Coquette haha. In case you ever wondered, why the name of Coquette Journal, now you know.

Much Love
Alice & Lindha

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