Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Love....Grayson Perry for Louis Vuitton

 Louis Vuitton again:) What can they do wrong......Nothing at the moment in my opinion.

This trunk within this mise-en-scene is a collaboration between artist Grayson Perry anld Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton invited Mr. Perry to design a bespoke trunk, 'LVAM1' ( Louis Vuitton Alan Measles 1). It was created to coincide with Mr. Perry's exhibition "the Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman" at the British Museum ( open now until the 19th of February 2012).

Quote from the website Born Rich: "The trunk which is on display at the Vuitton’s Bond Street Maison has a special golden throne right in the center top for the famous teddy bear Alan Measles, which is the artist’s 50 year old buddy. The trunk has various compartments and was made at the Louis Vuitton atelier in Asni√®res. The art piece is made in two folds as the artist wanted it to act both as a shrine to Alan Measles and an artistic travel case. The colorful travel case is painted with elaborated art designs with images of male and female folk characters. The trunk is decorated with Perry’s famous vases filled with white carnations and has several cabinets that can hold number of dresses. Grayson will do a road test of the trunk next year when he will travel to Venice Biennale for work."

View the whole article from Born Rich HERE.

Images are from Louis Vuitton's Grayson Perry face book page that you can "Like" HERE.

It reminds me of folklore:) Which I love. I am dreaming!!! After Christmas the British Museum will be my first stop to view this lovely artist exhibit.

I've met him actually! I asked to take his picture with my Holga camera and he nicely said yes and smile at my camera:)

( Images 1,3&4 are copyright Louis Vuitton/ Mark Makela and from their facebook page. Image 2 is from Stylist)

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