Thursday, January 05, 2012

Diary 120: Dagens Industri & Elsa Sylvan....A Lovely Project!

I did a project for the Swedish Dagens Industri right when I had just moved home to Stockholm, Sweden. The first photographer that I connected with was Jenny Lexander and we did some lovely shoots together. It was 2006 and I had moved home after 8 years in New York and felt rather lost (but this is a complete different story...). We fell in love with the adorable girl Elsa Sylvan:)

I went home over Christmas this past 2011 and as always I go through my archives stored in my mother's house. Found all these negatives and polaroids of this love as shot by Jenny Lexander and styled by me for Dagens Industri.

The theme for this business journal was businesses that were doomed haha. I choose the world of Haute Couture. You figure it out.

Hair & Make was created by the darling Therese Svenbo.

As I am learning about creating collage's in Photoshop, this is what you'll get:)!


Ellinor Stigle said...

Love that story Sotnos. ELX

Alice Saga said...

Tack Kara:)!xx