Monday, January 09, 2012

Diary 121: A Weekend in London

I finally got used to being back in London after my lovely time at home in Sweden. This past weekend (and first weekend of 2012) has been sort of lovely. A wonderful meeting with the adorable Jessie Lily Adams, full of inspirations from Elle, Vogue, Millenium and BBC's adaptation of Dickens Great Expectations among so many other things.

Top to bottom: 1 Me and my world. 2 My lunch with reading the other day at Vintage Pretty's in East Dulwich. 3 I passed by this Lovely pub, I have not been yet but it's on my to do list. 4-7 I met the wonderfully kind and fun photographer Jessie Lily Adams at The Breakfast Club. Thanks for taking me dear. My new fave place..!!! Coolest cute people. The "powder room" was full of My Little Pony haha. 8 Selfridges has the Best vegetables and fruits. Where I buy my apples (and basically all my magazines). 9-11 Details of my outfits this weekend.12-17 INSPIRATIONS NOW! Great Expectations due this 2012, Vogue's Scrapbook (UK), National Portrait Gallery and its new exhibit, Victoria by Victoria Beckahm cuteness, YSL with Maria Carla and LV Beuty.


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