Sunday, January 15, 2012

Diary 123: A Lovely Week....Still Obsessed with Miss Havisham:)

I did go back to The Breakfast Club (1&2) in Spitafields to meet a Fleur:) We are shooting another story for Crash. The Images 3&4  equals some beauty in London. 5- 9 I met with Ellen Rogers the other day as you know and we went to this lovely vegan place in Covent Garden. She is such a beautiful girl. The dress is what I want now...and I mean Now. Of course, from a thrift store where the darling has sewn on to the lace collar herself. I am in Envy:)! Not only in the dress but her hahha. The best day in a long time. After our little date I went to Selfridges to buy Crash magazine, and of course got the apples that I love deeply (image 10). I did go to Tunbridge Wells:) ( 11-13) Will go back on Tuesday to view an exhibition of Snowdon's work. Yesterday I did hang out at the Swedish pub Harcourt Arms (14), it's across from the Swedish Church in London:) J'ADORE. They have wifi so I will sort of sit and work from there quite a lot from now on:)!. Then some more GREAT EXPECTATIONS. It's sort of sad...But I Am Miss Havisham hahaha. It's just an amazing movie full of expectations but in reality so full of sadness.



Calla said...

This sounds like a great week! As always I love your daily photos :)

Yumi said...

Greetings! Nice photos! I like them!
Thank you , your photos give me ideas on developing my photography techniques! Bye!