Sunday, January 22, 2012

Diary 127: A Weekend

I've had a beautiful Friday - Sunday:)! So grateful for it all. I did go to the cafe of the V&A, it's such a stunning place (1). If you happen to come to London, go here. As I am sure you know, this week I started to prepp for mine and Jessie's shoot, image 2 is a tiny preview of the clothes. I looked for vintage finds on/ off Brick Lane, these 2 photos are from a store called Absolute Vintage (3&4). Then there's a me haha (5). At the Breakfast Club. Obsessed by their My Little Pony "powder rooms":).  I met with some lovely sisters at Maison Bertaux (6&7). No I did not have that cake.....! Yesterday, Saturday I went to a photography meet up (8). I learned so much and I am so happy that I went. I will from now on only shoot manually and play with the white balance. I did go to this pub (9) afterwards which is in Dulwich Village. And then there is Nunhead Cemetery (10-15), Obsession Galore!!! Very close to my house so I've been here a millions of times. These images are from this morning.

I am happy. And hope you are too.

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