Monday, January 23, 2012

Diary 128

I am dearly dearly tired. Mom!

Prepping for my Mrs Havisham shoot that me and adorable Jessie Lily Adams are creating on Wednesday....She's a love I can Not wait to work with for the first time.

I am too now starting to prepp for another lovely shoot for Crash magazine....."Trailor Trash Glam" hahaha. You'll soon to understand the concept.

My Coquette Journal is almost finished:)! So Happy! But so much work. So Much.

I picked up my 1940's wedding gown today and afterwards i treated myself to sit at The Breakfast Club by Spitafields Market. So here we go, me with the Little Pony's again. Today's is Top Shop Top Shop.

Can't wait for dinner Thursday night with the Butler sisters:)! Thank you Lucy.

YES I know, roots needs to be done hahaha. Spear me.

Contributors for this place called Alice or my Fashion Website to be Coquette Journal....Email me:

Oh and yes my day to day love diary go HERE:)!!!!

Tomorrow Lovely Mafalda:)!


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