Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspiration Today: Sandra Lousada's Public Faces Private Places at The National Portrait Gallery in London

I went to The National Portrait Gallery the other day to meet a potential assistant, yes she was lovely:)! Right outside of their cafe there is an exhibit going at the moment featuring the works of Sandra Lousada: "Public Faces Private Places"! If you are in London, go see it. It's small but wonderfully amazing.

Hope you'll enjoy! I am about to research all of her works now.

About Sandra (quote from her website): "Sandra Lousada has lived and worked in London all her life. Her commissioned editorial portfolio, books and commercial campaigns cover many varied subjects, usually involving people. Her photographic career began in the early 60's with portraits mostly of artists from the worlds of theatre, film, music, art, architecture, fashion and beauty. Her most recent personal project is London Light and Water, a subject that has always fascinated her but is a complete departure from anything she has ever photographed before."

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