Friday, February 10, 2012

Behind the Scenes of My Crash Magazine Shoot

It started with traveling down south to Kent. My Most Adorably Loveable Assistants, Vikky and Mafalda (1). Could not have done this shoot without them. Vikky brought cookies from her house:)!! We were all tired. We came to the location and hair and make started on the models. One of the models of this shoot was Carolina B from IMG, which happens to be Perfection. In image 2 Carolina is having her hair done by a Very talented hair stylist. In images 3 &4 we see Carolina:)! J'adore. We did have a second model, Sophie, here she's dressed in Paule Ka wonders (5). The last image is a detail shot, Rochas pants, Fogal lace stockings and vintage Balenciaga shoes.

A Very Cold Day!!!


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