Saturday, February 04, 2012

Diary 132: A Week of Prepping with other Wonders

Last Sunday I went to the Swedish Church (1-3)'s such a wonderful place for Swedes in London. This particular Sunday a couple renowned their vows after having been married for 50 years, such a beauitful moment. Almost every morning I take a walk around Dulwich Woods, images 4&5 are scenes I see almost every day. The other day I took the train from Peckham Rye and they have this beautiful stand of vegetables and fruits (6) for so cheap. It's such a colorful place. As I am sure you know by now, I have been prepping for Crash magazine and it means I am running around town ( 7-10)! I did too loan things from the store Top Shop in Oxford Circus. I always start thinking I should Only borrow a few things, then I borrow as much as I am allowed:) See me? Ohlalala. Love the birds and the girl with the long braid, sort of like me (11-12). I went to Vintage Prettys in East Dulwich the other day for a soy latte and to read Elle and Vogue for inspirations (13). Then there's me (14-17). It's been a lot of Self Portraits this week, I am so happy with my hair at the moment thanks to a Bradley at Bleach:)......we'll it's because of our launch of Odalisque Magazine too of course! The last image is now.

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