Sunday, February 12, 2012

Diary 134: A Lovely Cold Week

Sunday morning I woke up to a white London:)! Took my camera and went for a long walk around Dulwich. I created 2 shoots this week so Sunday I did too a little bit of prepping, planning the outfits and such. Monday and Tuesday was full of running around town getting clothes for the shoots but too waiting in my house for fed ex deliveries. Tuesday I did a mini shoot with my assistant Vikki:) Wednesday me and Marie-Fleur shot a story for Crash. An Ice Cold day that was haha. Thank god that day is over. Fell in love with the model Carolina from IMG. And yesterday I had a date.

Images: 1On my way to Dulwich Woods Sunday morning. 2 Vikky in Moschino. 3&4 Behind the scenes of my Crash Shoot. My lovely Mafalda tries to keep Sophie warm. Carolina wears a Top Shop top and leggings, Levi's mini skirt and Marc Jacobs boots. 5-7 My Inspirations this week. 8 Me:)!!! In a Beyond Retro blue dress, antique cross and Russel & Bromley boots. 9-13 Dulwich! Photos from my Sunday morning through Dulwich Woods to Dulwich Village. 14 I love a Soya latte at Vintage Prettys. Had a few this week. 15 For my shoot I got this yellow Paule Ka dress, such a Beauty. Behind it is my garden by the way. 16 Vikky in Paule Ka.


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