Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Legend of Lady White Snake

A Tribute to the Late Mr. Alexander Le McQueen Starring Daphne Guinness Premiers Tonight in NY!

The Legend of Lady White Snake (quote from the producer's website) "A tribute to Alexander McQueen, and inspired by one of China’s most beloved ancient love stories, this film is a meditation on obsession and metamorphosis. "

The Chinese Legend (quote from I Learn Culture):

"There are many versions of the legend of “Madam White Snake” but generally, the story is set during the Southern Song dynasty.
It tells of a powerful female white snake demon, Bai Suzhen, and a green snake demon of lesser powers, Xiao Qing, that take on human form and become two beautiful women. They set home in human world and meet the scholar Xu Xian at the Broken Bridge. White snake eventually fell in love with him and marries him.
One day, Xu Xian visited a temple to pray for his family’s well-being and met the antagonist of the story, a Buddhist monk named Fa Hai who sensed the ‘devil scent’ on Xu Xian and warns Xu Xian that he married a snake demon and advises him to press her to drink some wine because it would change her in her real form.
Xu Xian follows that advice and because the white snake is pregnant and her magical powers are weakened, she turns on her snake form. When he saw her in her true form, he dies of fright. White snake was devastated and stole the magical herb from Mount Kunlun to save him."

Can't wait to see this film.

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