Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Odalisque Magazine Launches Today

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ODALISQUE Magazine launches today, a cutting-edge online magazine covering international fashion, arts, and culture

Feb 01, 2012 15:45 GMT
ODALISQUE Magazine launches today, a cutting-edge online magazine covering international fashion, arts, and culture
ODALISQUE seeks to challenge, question and pay tribute to the objectified human body.

Showcasing fashion, photography and visual arts that involve and engage the viewer, ODALISQUE presents artistic and eccentric imagery and prose, and raises questions regarding neutrality and confrontation.

ODALISQUE offers provocative social critique, valuing culture over commerce, and inspired collaborations with new talents and established artists.

ODALISQUE Magazine is a weekly, curated online periodical with continually updated columns from selected contributors worldwide. Presented in a large format for the Web, with high-resolution images and an adaptive layout that takes advantage of the latest techniques in Web design without the need for Flash, ODALISQUE offers an eminently readable format that adapts to fit the user’s display, well-suited for viewing on the desktop as well as smart phones, and tablets. Regularly updated blog articles encourage comments and response from the community, and a steady stream of tastefully curated photography, illustrations, and written articles reflects a deep pool of talent from selected international contributors.

ODALISQUE is also a collectible object of desire. In addition to the online edition, a printed limited edition of the magazine will be released annually beginning in the Fall of 2012.

Editor in Chief/Creative Director - Sandra Myhrberg -
Feature Editor - Michaela Myhrberg -
Fashion Director - Linda Marina Portman
Art Directors - Thomas Åström, Marie Brunnberg
Technical Director - Daniel «Klokie» Grossfeld
Online Market Editor - Fia Garvner
Liaison Editor - Ellinor Stigle

Contributors -
Jessie Lily Adams, David Barrie, Karolina Henke, Justine Lévy, Silja Magg, Mira Nameth, Maria Nilsdotter, Claudine O'Sullivan, Skye Parrott, Amy Sall, Karin Ström, Maura Sullivan, Caroll Taveras,
with many more to be announced.

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