Sunday, March 18, 2012

Diary 142

It's been a lovely week except being sick of course. I am trying to live as I usually do though but it obviously means I am deadly tired.

Images top to bottom: I started the day with an almond croissant from Franklins Farm Shop and by reading Gentlewoman which always has brilliant articles about who's who (1). Image 2 is just a moodboard from a magazine which I fell in love with. I woke up today and London was full of Sunshine. I love those mornings. The beauty of Dulwich is amazements come spring (3). Image 4 is full of things from this past week. I met with Lovely Marie-Fleur Charlesworth at a place called The George by London Bridge. It was the most lovely afternoon/ evening I have had in quite some time. Merci to you Fleur ( 5). I went to the V&A and had 2 their cafe (6). I am working on my photography website (7) so this is a tiny preview. Me:) in a coat I got from my step father Hans, it's from Top Shop and it's full of tiny bows....the glasses are Calvin Klein (8). The last 2 images are inspiration now.


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