Monday, March 26, 2012

Diary 145: Today March 26th

I had a lovely day:)! First a walk through Dulwich and then off to meet lovely Marquita of Azza Fahmy jewelry at an adoringly traditional English restaurant called Andrew Edmonds. For lunch I had Octopus:)  Amazingly Good. After our lovely lunch meeting I was off to Selfridges because my story is out in Crash magazine. Fell in love with the layout (thank God). Went back home to Dulwich to read Acne Paper.

Images top to bottom: 1 The flowers in Dulwich..!!!. 2 A restaurant, called Andrew Edmunds, with a view:). 3&4 At Selfridges I just had to enter floor 2. Found this Amazement by no other than Comme des Garcons. Oh how I love. 5 One spread of mine and Fleur's story for Crash. I will post the whole story tomorrow. 6 A Lillian Bassman inspiration from Acne Paper. 7 A lovely image from Crash. 8&9 Andrew Edmunds Beauty. Look at the men haha. J'ADORE. 10 I love this ring from the collection of Azza Fahmy. 11 My lovely arm. Full of Cynthia Steffe and a Azza Fahmy turqoise bracelet. 12 Some interior of the restaurant. 12 Marquitas first course and lastly my Octopus main course:) which I savoured within minutes.


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Lovely vingettes.

Alice Saga said...

thank you!