Friday, April 13, 2012

Diary 151: My Lovely Dulwich

Such Beauty. I am so happy that out of all areas in London I ended up in Dulwich..... blooms, greens, cats, cool people and on top of it all Franklins and East Dulwich Tavern (my hangouts with my dear computer). Cats are everywhere....these 3 cats were sitting so beautifully together watching out over me and my neighbours:) One of the 3 followed me to my house haha making sure noone uninvited would enter:) I know, disorganized entrance.

My dress is APC.

A Today! Off for a date in a couple of hours and am super excited.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how you come across blogs and find out that the author only lives up the road from you. Though the craziest one was finding out a blogger I followed lived in the same building as me. I love Dulwich it is so pretty.


Alice Saga said...

Oh My God! That is lovely.Yes Dulwich is amazing. Maybe we could meet up sometime?