Monday, April 23, 2012

Diary 152: A Time Out Weekend in April

Friday I decided to take Time Out, meaning zero work and no email checking (almost managed this one..). Just needed some rest because of a few reasons that should have been long gone. But hey, it's Monday and hopefully new beginnings. Hallelujah:)!!

Saturday started with a walk in Dulwich as I usually do. This house full of pink, I could so live there. It ended with me reading Sunday Times and Financial Times (I am addicted to its Weekend Arts section which is always full of brilliance).

Top to bottom: 1-3 My morning walk on Saturday in Dulwich and some day my house:)  4&5 My little table which too is my breakfast table. Every Saturday it's Franklins Farm Shop's almond croissant. It's only sold Saturdays and I long for it each week. 6 Me:) Yes tired and comfort was my priority. Dries van Noten long sleeve jumper, Zara cardie, Primark scarf and Monki footless tights with my converse. 7 My Garden.  8&9 I went to a cemetary quite close to my house. So much beauty. So much sadness and longing. 10&11 A mural in Nunhead. Sunshine= Yes. 12 Sunday morning I went to the Swedish Church up in Marylebone. I really love coming here. Too for the reading of our gossip magazines they stock up on in the cafe. 13&14 After the service I walked down to Kensington Gardens where I intended to just pass by but of course I got stuck with the swans. They never do what I want them to do. Patience...!! ohlalala. An hour in that place only, the time just flew. Another Obsession of mine.... so Swans and Brides...I wonder if it's innocence white?? The fact of staying together forever? 15 Whole Foods. J'Adore this place. 16 Then back home to Dulwich and the lovely Weekend issue of Financial Times. 17 Oh How I Want. 18 Some of my books in my book shelf.




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