Sunday, April 15, 2012


I took a long walk this morning and explored some areas I have not been to like One Tree Hill. Lovely but could not compare with my Dulwich Woods.

I am Madly Obsessed with Pink at the moment. Obsessed Obsession.

Working now, mainly on Odalisque and my journal.

Top to bottom: 1 Peckham Rye park and its Japanese Garden. 2 a lovely home in North Dulwich. 3 clocwise from top left: my home:), Sydenham Hill beauty, Honor Park Road in South London and One Tree Hill. 4 My journal for Odalisque called Linda's Journal. 5 me! Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Top Shop candy striped sweater and coat with my Converse shoes.

Tomorrow and all next week is to be crazy:)!

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