Sunday, July 01, 2012

Diary 166: An End of June and A Beginning of July

Friday morning I met with Jaclyn of Audrey Grace at the Milestone hotel (image 1) to pick up some clothes for my shoot that I created today. Came home and unpacked (2&3) and fell in love with some of the pieces:). Went for some walks (4&5) to think through how I wanted to shoot and style...too thinking too much of boys:) haha. Still sorting my house and created mood board 2 the other day (6). My outfits:). A Paul & Joe Sister butterfly print dress and Top Shop sunnies (7&8). And today's is yellow from Beyond Retro (9). The Lovely Jessie Dunne in clothing from Audrey Grace's shop (10&11). I created the shoot for Odalisque. These are some photos that I took to with my iphone to get the poses right before using expensive film.

Now? at Franklins enjoying a sunny Sunday.




Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

The butterfly ptint is amazing and I don't know how you get any sleep with that stuff in your house. The pink with the velvet bow is my dream dress.

Alice Solantania Saga said...

That dress:) OMG! Same here. In love.