Sunday, August 26, 2012

Diary 174: A Weekend in August

My weekend could have started in a better fashion, but sometimes things happens right?? What matters is that as a whole it's been an amazing one. Today was full of inspirations and blessings:) Tomorrow awaits a vintage lovely day with my adorably talented friend Lucy. All Always Works out for the Best.

I have fallen madly in love with the camera app Line:) And have gotten MAD silly at the same time....hahaha.

Mornings as always starts with (image 10) what I call Please Dear God in Heaven:)

Come Kiss Me YES???!

My brain has been fed in its utmost from nature and then in the works of Financial Times Weekend, The Sunday Times (as well as Saturday's..), Vanity Fair and the Wonderful Graydon Carter together with some self help books sorting my thoughts out:)

Music? Some Die Young, Sweet Hello Sad Good Bye, Parlor, Lullaby, anything Niklas Stromstedt and and and and Mix Megapol.

Young sharp lady? Frida of GT. New woman I look up to. Such a mind. More of these woman please. That Energy of Frida woke me up by a million.

Me? I've been wearing Vintage full of prints and colors. For me this is yes.

Oh and YES I am prepping.


Much Love To Ya All

All That You Need Is Within You Now.

Never Forget.

Alice Solantania Saga


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Oh, who's that handsome? *pat, pat, pat*

You have such lovely dresses.

Alice Solantania Saga said...

hahaha:) Lovely Lou:)

Merci about the dresses. I Love Color:)


lucyking said...

wow,beautiful girl~~

Alice Solantania Saga said...

Merci Lucy:) x