Friday, August 17, 2012

Louis Vuitton Continues Collaboration With Artist Yayoi Kusama and Celebrates it at Selfridges

Louis Vuitton hearts Yayoi Kusama, as do I. The Perfect Collaboration.

On August 24th, Louis Vuitton will take over all of Selfridges 24 windows (first time ever one brand gets all windows) as well as its ever-changing project space, The Concept Store.

The 24 windows are designed by artist Yayoi Kusama and will announce the collaboration between Louis Vuitton, Yayoi Kusama and Selfridges.

In the concept store one can buy Yayoi Kusama's second collection for Louis Vuitton, only available at Selfridges for 8 weeks starting August 24th.

The leather handbags, ready to wear, travel bags, shoes & accessories all features Kusama's organic repetitive patterns treated in hybrid colours such as the polka dots. The leather goods will have the iconic LV monogram running beneath Kusama's art work.

Would love one of the bags covered with Kusama's polka dots:)

"LOVE FOREVER" - Yayoi Kusama

Alice Solantania Saga

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