Monday, September 24, 2012

A Common Monday in East Dulwich (First Aid Kit, Valentino, Wolfs, Burberry, Crash...a Jessie and Such Things)

While wearing a film costume dress from Independent Kostym (in heavy rain together with the Hunters) and meeting someone special today I had the most time for millions of inspirations...going  through so many tears that I have saved for my Coquette Journal.

My story is now out in Crash issue 61 featuring Jessie Dunne ; here are some iPhone photos from that day:) Clockwise from top left: How Jessie looked like when arriving:). Wearing Valentino while one of the billions of cats decided to visit. Burberry cuteness. Erdem beauty with a Swarovski necklace.

Tooooo.......FELL MADLY IN LOVE WITH FIRST AID KIT AND THEIR WOLF. I have listened and seen this video for ca 10 times in a row at this point. I am truly madly. Enjoy.

Alice Solantania Saga

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