Monday, September 10, 2012

A Weekend in Dulwich Wearing Butterflies

See my new family member?

The family of my fave place in Dulwich, Franklins, had a yard sale on Saturday:) Such wonderful things. I've read American Vogue's September issue and W's. The weekend ended with someone drinking this Amazingly good wine at The Rye. Sunshine All Weekend.

Today has been What Can You Do For Me?


Dress with butterflies are from H&M, I call it my Summer 2011 dress (wore it ca 4 times a week almost all last summer haha).

Alice Solantania Saga


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

The world you live in is so gorgeous.

Alice Solantania Saga said...

It is yes:) But I only show the best things/ bits though:) xxx

Sarah Louette said...

It's so weird to think that I can change my mood for no reason, but yes, your pictures are really happy-filling (see what I mean??) and they make me want to be more beautiful. Anyway, I love this butterfly dress!!!:)

Alice Solantania Saga said...

Sarah:):) What a Wonderfully Kind thing to say. This makes me happy.

Butterflies it is:)