Sunday, October 21, 2012

Diary 182: An East Dulwich Weekend in October

It's been a lovely weekend so far! Shot an adorable girl yesterday called Daisy:) I too went antique exploring yesterday after the shoot which I love doing. Today has just been a long long walk and now I am off for some wine and all newspapers I can get my hands on!

Top to bottom: 1 Me today wearing a dress from Absolute Vintage, Autumn Cashmere jumper and the heart necklace from my grandmother. 2 Franklins Farm Shop and its organic pumpkins:) Color Color. 3 I did have the time to google myself haha:) Solatania looks like this. 4 My inspirations for my Daisy shoot that took place yesterday (some more HERE). 5 Clockwise from top left: Yesterday's outfit which was more than bohemian..!!. Found this record which I fell in love with by Cher. Daisy Daisy Daisy. Some dolls in one of the antique shops:)

Alice Solantania Saga

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