Monday, November 05, 2012

Diary 184: One More Weekend in My Hometown Called Uddevalla

It's been an exhausting yet beautiful weekend. This October both of my grandmother's passed away and I went home this weekend for a funeral. I love my family. And I love my friends.

Top to bottom: 1 First day at home I met my friend Pernilla at a cute place called Kullgrens. It was Halloween decorated:). 2 Inspiration as styled by my inspiration Grace Coddington. 3 Family:) Recognize me? In the middle I am. 4 Coffee. 5 The Beauty of Church. 6 Food after church. So good. 7 Hello:)!!! Me in a vintage dress from Absolute Vintage about to go to a birthday party at my best friends house. 8 The food my lovely Sabina created. 9 Ohlalala! Still at the party having way to much fun for my own good haha. 10 Back in London. Sunday fun. Full of the Swedish newspapers read at my local place EDT. 11 Inspirations Inspiratons at all times.

Beauty Now:

Vårt liv är en vindfläkt, 
en saga, en dröm 
En droppe som faller 
i tidernas ström 

Den skimrar i regnbågens färg 
en minut 
Brister och faller 
och drömmen är slut 

Nils Ferlin

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