Sunday, November 11, 2012

Diary 195: My Weekend in East Dulwich

This weekend has been preparing a shoot, long walks in the woods and antique shopping. And some other bits and things I prefer to forget about. Today was all about girlfriends and talking talking.....thank you Lorette:) And yesterday night......thanks to a Matthew who listened a tiny bit.

Top to bottom: 1 How my mornings looks like:). 2 Me in a dress from Absolute Vintage and H&M sunnies. 3 Today. Grandma outfit haha. Crazy! Thank you Lorette for approving:). 4 I Love Love Love Swans and this is my candy store in Dulwich called Hope & Greenwood. 5 It's my birthday tomorrow and yesterday was all about finding something cute for myself to shop and this is my lovely antique shop that I am madly in love with. 6 My treat I got:) The Princess and the Pea.

Ta Min Hand

"Jag tar dagen som den kommer nu 
jag lär mig att gå igen 
Jag lägger varje korn av sand på vågen 
nå'n har gett det som en gåva till mig 
Floden faller ner i havet 
berget sträcker sig mot molnen 
Varje dröm har sin förklaring 

Ta min hand, det brinner en eld 
Ta min hand, det brinner en eld 
Ta min hand, det brinner en eld"
- Eldkvarn

Much Love
Alice Solantania Saga

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