Monday, November 19, 2012

Diary 196: Last Week

Last Monday was my birthday and it was not a good one, to say the least, but magically by me having a melt down on facebook:)..... it switched to being the best week ever. I have been given so much love. So many people out there that are special people. It's funny how sometimes one forgets' this.

Top to bottom: 1&2 My lovely lovely friend Jaime took me out for a birthday lunch at the amazing restaurant Bob Bob Ricard. She too gave me the best chocolate and a card that I will live on for the rest of this year. Thank you Jaime for being my friend and I can not wait to come to visit you at Tunbridge Wells on December 3rd:) A Date that is. 3&4 And then there was Prada's press day and beauty that was. 5 My work table. 6 At Franklins going through all I could get my hands on including my own Lula. 7 Flower Beauty. 8&9 Me. Child of the Moon and then the Alien. 10&11 I have hung out with a Jeremy this weekend and it has been so much fun. This is the food we shared yesterday. 12 Liberty's Advent calendar that I NEED. Such Beauty. So Cute. 13 Lula Magic.

Linda Portman

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