Monday, November 26, 2012

Diary 197: A Week Full of Inspirations, Food & Wine

I have had a very fun and unusual week...!!! Food, Wine & Conversation has been a constant for 7 days. 

The only thing that's been "normal" has been my lovely morning walks.

Top to bottom: 1 Dulwich Woods morning beauty. 2 Me in my "walking' outfit:) 3& 4 My lovely bookmarks that I collected as a child. The boy & girl:) SO Cute!!! 5-8 The Great Exhibition is one of many places I have spent time in this week. Someone gave me flowers & I had the BEST mussel dish....I can still taste it. 9 A tiny selection of all the foods I've had this week. Delicious! 10 Me. Clockwise from  top left: Me and my outfit today... Top Shop jumper, Beyond Retro dress & grandma's heart necklace. A United Bamboo dress. Dress with flowers from Absolute Vintage together with a Prada belt. A Victorian dress from a place that used to be called Pakladeriet. 11 Inspirations from this past week. 


Obsession Now: First Aid Kit
Magazine: Monocle
Book: Anais nin's Early Diaries
Color: Greddelin
Song: Ta Min Hand- Eldkvarn
Food: Mussels

Alice Solantania Saga

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