Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Weekend Before Christmas in My Home Town Uddevalla, Sweden!

I've had a beautiful few days. Tomorrow is Christmas which will be full of family members coming to my Aunt's house:) Can't Wait. It's snowing madly here:) So tomorrow is to be Winter Wonderland.

Top to bottom: 1-6 Uddevalla Beauty. 7 Me and my Mother with Step Father went to Hedekas and to my grandma's house a last time (it's sold now). I got her bible from 1943. So Special. 8&9 Went to a Glogg Party at my best best best friend Sabina's house:):):). The cute girl is her daughter, Miranda. 10&11 Me and some dear friends went to Roda Rummet for Fika yesterday. Such a Cute place. 12 At my Mother's house on Friday full of candy and glogg. 13 Me:) Some outfits. Based mainly upon the dress by Wayward Daughter, that I got from lovely Jaclyn of Audrey Grace. 14 Ca 1 hour ago:) The church of Uddevalla which started to become Winter Wonderland.

Much Much Love
Alice Solantania Saga

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