Monday, December 03, 2012

Diary 198: Start Each Day Like It Is Your Birthday:)

I Love i-D Magazine and I Love Mademoiselle Grace Coddington. Devoured the complete issue called  Wise Up:)


Top to bottom: 1 My adorable Dulwich Woods one very pretty fall morning. 2 Christmas has come and then East Dulwich gets their share of the fairies. 3 London Central on my way to the costumiers, Angels. 4 Stopped for coffee at this lovely place called Candy & Cakes in Covent Garden. 5 Prepping at Angels. Such an amazing place. 6&7 i-D Magic. 8 Dinner with Jeremy at The Great Exhibition. This is my fave food at the moment:) Mussels. 9-13 Me! 9 a vintage blouse from Screaming Mimis. 10 H&M dress. 11 McQ T-shirt, Jack Wills corduroy skirt and Converse shoes. 12 Dress from Absolute Vintage. 13 Autumn Cashmere V-neck, Zara flower print cardigan, Prada belt and an American Apparel skirt. 14 My Inspirations Now. Such Such Beauty.

Obsession Now: Angels
Magazine: i-D
Book: Angels in My Hair by Lorna Byrne
Film: Great Expectations on Wednesday:)
Color: Innocence
Song: Your Body with Christina Aguilera
Food: Still Madly In Love with Mussels:)

Last weeks List is HERE.

Have an Adorable Monday Lovely People.

Alice Solantania Saga

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