Sunday, December 16, 2012

Diary 200: A Weekend

It's been a wonderful weekend:) Full of Richmond, East Dulwich & Magaizines/ Newspapers. And Of Course my colorful walks. Time for dinner soon and then BED!!! Exhausted.

Top to bottom:): 1 Richmond Beauty. 2&3 Had a lovely day with a Tony in Richmond and this was the food. Loved. 4 Me in Jaclyn's gift, the Wayward Daughter dress she gave me from her boutique Audrey Grace. Merci again Mademoiselle. 5 Me in my crowded house:) Wearing my grandma's knitted blue sweater. See my dolls, Solantania &Violet? 6&7 Saturday I went to my favorite store, North Cross Vintage in East Dulwich. I got a new fairy book:) Peter Pan and Wendy. Beauty. 8 After this I went to my fave place to hang in East Dulwich, Franklins:) This is me wearing my 1940's dress from Old Touch about to Devour Vanity Fair. 9 My adorable morning walk beauty, Dulwich Woods. 10 The having Lunch section in Vanity Fair. Sir Ian Wonders. 11 Today was all about East Dulwich Tavern and ALL newspapers I could get my hands on.

I want to add that there has been huge sadness in regards to what has happened to the children and teachers in Connecticut, USA. I Am So Sad that such an horrendous thing has happened. There is no reason. Forbid/ Restrict the allowance/ use of guns now....Please Mr. President Barack Obama.

Much Love
Alice Solantania Saga

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