Sunday, December 30, 2012

Diary 202: The Last Days in Uddevalla, Sweden!

It's been so much happiness, friends, family, food (plus way too much candy)& wine these past few days in my home town so to come back to normality and East Dulwich feels a tiny bit weird, but so wonderful at the same time.

I am ready for 2013:)

Thanks to all whom gave me their time & love during my 10 days in my wonderful hometown of Uddevalla, Sweden.

Top to bottom: 1-3 Daily morning walks gave me this eye candy. It's Gustafsberg in Uddevalla which is surrounded by the ocean. 4 My food store:) ICA. 5 My Christmas soda called Julmust is a must. 6 This wallpaper full of ads from the 50's is from the cute cafe Roda Rummet (The Red Room) and it's ladies powder room. 7 Still Obsessed by the adorable Angels. This little angel was a gift from my cousin Therese. It says, "Angels do Exist. You are Never Alone". Such beauty. The Santa's are my fave candy. My mother gave me a box of 1kg to devour haha. 8 Me and some of my best friends went for "fika" at Blomsterkroken's Cafe yesterday and I had these tasty macaroons together with a tea flavored with appel pie and vanilla on earth does one create such a tea? Delicious. 9&10 ME!!! Totally Laura Ingalls and Little House on the Prairie.

Hi Lovely East Dulwich:) I Am BACK!

Much Much Love
Alice Solantania Saga

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