Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today is Isabel Marant

Pretending to be Scottish today:)

Isabel Marant jumper, Paul & Joe velvet shorts, Top Shop coat, bag from Boohoo's press day and Office loafers.

How I Feel at the Moment:


"she is not someone you understand. she is someone you watch, someone you use, someone you mourn. she is made for love but love is not made for her. everything about her runs deeper than in you; her madness is truer, her mind brighter and better broken, and her anguish is in her bones, not her blood. you will never forgive her for dying, but she will aways be dead forever, and your horror means nothing to her anymore. that, more than anything is why you still dream about her and her flowers thrown like curses. She has made herself no longer yours to dream of, choking on her water, crawling through her weeds, living beneath the world; her body inviolate and violable no more, there in her resting place where no man rules." - We Found Each Other Hungry

Have a lovely Thursday!

Alice Solantania Saga

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