Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Today is SWEDEN:)

On my home as I am blogging this:) at Heathrow airport. Candy & Pepsi Max Galore!

Darimeya flower printed jumper, Jack Wills skirt, Office ballerinas Mulberry for London Fashion Week bag and Grandma's heart!

Can't Wait to see all my loved ones. Such A Treat!

Much Love
Alice Solantania Saga

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Stefan Adel said...

I saw that you have uploaded some great pictures for Josefin Hedström (model) in both of your blogs. This one and the old one COQUETTE. I've commented before but I don't really think that you remember me :) And now I'm here to ask you if you please have more images for Josefin H. for myself and IF it's ok to publish one on Wikipedia, to her article in Swedish?! You can send me an e-mail I think it's better than commenting back if you want to.
Thanks so much,
Stefan A.