Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Diary 204: The Summer of 2012

I Am Craving Summer:) So went back to view my summer of 2012. I created so many collages of things I did find beautiful & inspiring. Hope you like:)

Top to bottom: 1 I did go to Paris early early summer. Such a wonderful city. 2&3 East Dulwich Beauty. 4 Inside & outside of my house in Dulwich. The cats here...!!! 5 My Inspiration & Work table. 6 Planned a shoot called A Margot (as in Tenenbaum). 7&8 I went with my then boyfriend Matthew to his home in Yorkshire. One day we went to York and I found this amazing fairy book for £3:) Oh hallelujah such beauty and full of fairy poems it was as well. We too took a long walk on a Saturday morning, such green beauty. 9-15 Me, Some lovely places, creating collages and Inspirations was my life for the whole of August.

Much Love
Alice Solantania Saga

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