Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love of Today: Sow's Ear

This package arrived yesterday:)

When I went to Brighton last week I fell madly in love with this "eco couture" label called Sow's Ear by a Mari; and in particular this 60's style emerald green tweed swing dress. The dress is made from a skirt that used to belong to an aristocrat:) Happily I am short enough for a skirt be made into a dress. I am so In Love with this new member of my family.

All of Sow's Ear designs are one offs so you'd never see someone else in the same creation as you plus to re-use fabric is such a wonderful thing to do in today's waste society. Mari also alters the clothing for you for free if needed.


Alice Solantania Saga


Forever Miss Vanity said...

That dress looks so wonderful. I love everything 60s!



Alice Solantania Saga said...

Same here:) Thanks for following! Have an adorable day.xx