Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Some of My Outfits from 2012 Part I

:)!!!! Yes a True Romantic Bohemian! One whom happens to love white, lavender and any candy pastel color one can imagine.

Top to bottom: 1 Top Shop candy striped sweater & Beyond Retro dress worn benath. 2 Luella for Target shirt worn benath a Top Shop top. 3 Fashion Week style:) Baum und Pferdgarten lavender blouse, Marc Jacobs jacket, Dice Kayek skirt and vintage skull necklace. 4 To Be Adored dress and Top Shop sunnies. 5 H&M black sweater, Levi's & Marc Jacobs bag. 6 Vintage lace dress and Top Shop candy striped sweater. 7 APC dress. 8 Dress from Independent Kostym. 9 Beyond Retro sweater, Top Shop skirt & bag from London's Fashion Week by Mulberry. 10 In Paris:) Top Shop jacket & sunnies, APC dress & Pretty Ballerinas. 11& 12 Magda Berliner dress. 13 Top Shop candy striped sweater again....most worn item during 2012 I think haha. H&M butterfly dress worn beneath. 14 Screaming Mimis dress and Zara cardie. 15 Juicy Couture dress, Top Shop sunnies and bag from an H&M press day.

Alice Solantania Saga

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