Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Wonderfully Beautiful Ice Cold Wednesday in East London

I have had a wonderful day. Ice cold here in England but I have survived with 7 layers:)))!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BELOVED AUNT! I have thought of you all day and still does. Something more for you to come soon:))!

This morning I went to Beyond Retro's blogger's breakfast as I am sure you know, see my fave spring 13 things HERE. What I did not expect was to meet a friend in an Ashley whom trains employees of this lovely vintage haven.

Then off I went to my beautiful friend (and talented illustrator) Jenny Tallberg at Hoxton's The Breakfast Club where I am Obsessed by its powder room's wallpaper which is home of Strawberry Wonderland:)))!!!

YES, I did buy that lovely 70's denim dress at Beyond Retro. Hallelujah.

Top to bottom: 1&2 Strawberry Land at The Breakfast Club. 3 Clockwise from top left: Me:), Ashley in her amazingly cool jumpsuit, me in that dress....!!!, And beautiful Jenny deciding on what to order. 4 Loved this bathing suit from Beyond Retro's Summer 2013 breakfast meeting. 5 Detail of Jenny's perfection outfit. Yes beyond jealous of her printed dress...!!! It should be MINE. 6 Me:)

My outfit: Dress with butterflies from Absolute Vintage, Autumn Cashmere pink V-neck, Zara flowery cardie, grandmas heart, Prada belt & my Converses.

Alice Solantania Saga

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