Thursday, February 21, 2013

An Ice Cold Thursday in February

It's been SO cold today, I thought I was going to break in half...!!! Finally back home in Dulwich:)))

I did go to take a look at this studio up in Hackney and the owner turned out to be so lovely. Brought my Solantania Amorina doll to take "test" pictures of for testing of the light which some found amusing, haha. I had planned to go to Spitalfields market but because of it being outside I decided to go to Artwords and treat myself to a magazine to read at The Breakfast Club instead:0)

Clockwise from top left: me (in a Cacharel blouse) at The Breakfast Club marrying The Strawberry Girl. MKII Studios has a section where they sometimes have exhibitions and fell in love with this painting. Old inspirations from Vogue Italia. My polaroid of Solantania Amorina on top of the magazine I bought at Artwords.

I need to add something. My grandmother passed away in the fall and today is her birthday. I woke up and checked my iPhone calendar so it was the first thing that was on my mind. I am mostly sad for my mother, aunt and my twin uncles. They lost a wonderful mother. I lost a Dearest grandmother whom always stood by me no matter what ( usually behind my lovely lovely grandfather but mind you, she was the boss haha)!

Much Love
Alice Solantania Saga


Carissa Inez said...

saw your blog just by searching alicein wonderland which Im a fan of. :)

great site.


Linda Marina Portman said...

Thank you Carissa:)) X