Saturday, February 02, 2013

Today I Am A House Wife

Cooking a Green Goddess Pasta for dinner today:) So have bought ingredients like Kale, Pine nuts & Virgin Coco Nut Oil...!!! Had to ask what some things were  in the food store to be honest since I have never bought any of these things before:))). Today I Am The House Wife.

It's a new years resolution, to create 2 new dinners/ week! It's very exciting.

Oh and Yes I cleaned my house. Happy Days.

A now is at Franklins about to read Financial Times Weekend, I adore its Arts section.

Dress by Wayward Daughter and the shop Audrey Grace, bag a hand me down from my grandma as is my gold heart necklace, Office loafers.

Have a lovely Saturday.

Alice Solantania Saga

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