Saturday, February 23, 2013

Today is East Dulwich Saturday Loveliness...:)) HA!

I Love Saturdays! Everyone is in a good mood because of being off from work. Doing their weekly shopping that they do not have time to do during week only to afterwards sit down at the local pub for a little while.

Today I took a long walk in the cold. Listening to Henry & June & The Delta of Venus (both Anais Nin); ohlalalala need I say more??!:).

I have cleaned my house (well my way of  cleaning anyways haha) & checked all the new shows from Milan on Even got dressed to go out; will soon go to my Franklins to read Zoo which is full of Irina Ionesco:))) The issue is dedicated to her so it has a long interview together with many unpublished images of hers. Collage making and The Guardian is to happen to.

Today's Outfit:
Cacharel blouse, 70's denim dress from Beyond Retro, grandma's heart & Office mary janes.  Not seen: Grandma's handknitted blue cardigan from the 80's and Ida Sjostedt's faux fur jacket.

Much Love
Alice Solantania Saga

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