Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Diary 211: A Tuesday in East Dulwich

It was a Very Eventful day to say the least. But I am to focus on the wonderland things that happened of course:))

Today I created BEAUTY. Went to photograph my angels today and it turned out Magnificent. I sensed (being like 0 technical...) that the light and warmth of today would be perfect for my camera and so it was. So Happy.

Then off for the village where I had a glass of wine and turned silly with my iPad:))) So SUNSHINE LOVE....full of lilac and yellow. Today's Collage. You do know it's my 365 day project from our Valentine's Day right??? haha. Wish me luck.

Outfit today was a dress from a vintage shop I will not reveal (at least not yet...) Will keep the source to myself for now haha. But cardigan is from Zara, belt by Prada and then my Loves for my feel, Converse.

Did have time to go through the Saturday and Sunday fashion supplements. Not very good to be honest...!!! But guilty pleasure = YES.

I just can NOT get rid of my Obsession of Angels.

Angels In My Hair. That book.


Wanna say Thanks to Doug at the East Dulwich Tavern.

Alice Solantania Saga

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