Sunday, March 17, 2013

Diary 213

I feel like I have been more or less ill almost the whole of 2013, but I think I am finally completely well:)) Maybe it helped to take it a tiny bit easier this past week haha. Been sitting down quite a lot creating my lovely collages. Yesterday I went to a studio to take some self portraits with my Canon but too to test the light with my Polaroid camera, my little doll Solantania was the model:) I am shooting a Rhiannon next Sunday and I can not wait.

Top to bottom: 1 Me in yesterday's outfit. 2 Earlier this week in a Luella for Target shirt w/ Peter Pan collar and & a Beyond Retro jumper. 3 I Need this chocolate by Demel. Such beautiful illustrations on the package. 4 Yes, My Collage Makings:) 5&6 At the studio yesterday. Is she not Adorable?

Have a Lovely Sunday!

oh and yes, wish me luck. I have a wonderful meeting tomorrow.

Alice Solantania Saga

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