Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Most Wonderful Saturday

I am so happy. About to go to bed after a MOST wonderful Saturday that I have had in months. My dear dear dear friend Pernilla from my home town in Sweden is here to visit me:))). We started with the market on Portobello Road (where by the way I thought something special was going on because of the millions of people around us but realized later that this was a normal Saturday hahaha). Now I have a new stunning dress & 2 very cool sunglasses additions to my "little" closet to be ironic. After Portobello/ Notting Hill we took the bus to Mayfair where we had an errand at Dover Street Market and then we walked over to a store Pernilla needed to go to in Covent Garden. We also managed to go to 2 pubs. Then off we were back home to Dulwich. We had dinner at you know my fave place in the world...:))) Franklins. It was/ has been perfect.

Deadly Tired so Good Night!

Proper Diary tomorrow or Monday.

Alice Solantania Saga

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