Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Mischievous Pagan Poetry Day

I did not have a great evening last night, I let myself down. So this morning I did an almost 5 hour walk followed by 1 hour on the treadmill at my gym to empty it all out. Almost finished The Hunger Games:)) I do not want it to end though, what on earth can replace this amazing book? Any Ideas?

Did create a new collage today, cutting & pasting and I call it  Mischievous Pagan Poetry Beauty. I might create a book one day illustrating this amazingly upside down year from Valentines day of 2013 to the next one 2014. It features all my loves. And How I Feel Basically at The Moment.

Thank you matthew for hanging around me.


"Death and terror rules the soul
You have been spellbound
By the Devil
Murderer, you have returned
To create fear and sorrow
Death and terror rules the land
We have been spellbound
By the Devil"


Images: 1 Me. Dress from Independent Kostym, Top Shop cardie, Screaming Mimis belt. 2 From my morning walk in Dulwich Woods.3 I live among this beauty.4 Clockwise from top left: My work is now out in Crash Magazine, here Sophia wears a Fall 2013 Simone Rocha dress and Fall 13 Prada platform shoes. My collage work from today, Mischievous Pagan Poetry I call it. Dulwich Woods beauty, I was taken by this scenery. Lastly I NEED THIS BIKE, Anyone know what bike this is???

Alice Solantania Saga 

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