Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Thursday

I went to Notting Hill today. My friend Matthew came with me:) So much more fun than going on ones own. I was invited by the store Chic Freak's pr to come visit the store and take a look at the designers they sell and also lend out for shoots. There I met a Swede:))) Josefin!!! And fell in love with a dress made out of latex from House of Harlot. Chic Freak also stocks Pam Hogg, Diana Orving, Coco Fennell, Terry de Havilland among many others.

Clockwise from top left: 1 On Portobello Road is this Wonderful Alice in Wonderland (86 Portobello Road) antique shop. Can not stop taking pictures of this lovely shop. 2 Me:) Today I Am A Sailor Girl. Dress by Dahlia and hair by Bradley at Bleach;) 3 BIG BEN. Such Beauty. 4 The House of Harlot dress at Chic Freak.

How I Felt for a Very Long Moment + Obsession Now, to M.M:

"Vi skulle älska varandra tills jorden gick under
Och du skulle aldrig dö, nej.
Det skulle aldrig va över för dig
Jag kommer älska dig när jorden gått under
För jag tänker aldrig dö, nej
Det kommer aldrig va över för mig"

-Det Kommer Aldrig Va Over For Mig, Hakan Hellstrom


Now reading at Franklins and listening like a mad mad mad girl to Hakan's Det Kommer Aldrig Va Over For Mig.

Alice Solantania Saga

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