Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A Wednesday in East London

It's been quite a lovely day. Finally I have had energy to go the gym...!!! First time in months so very very happy. Then I got dressed and ventured off to London Bridge where I had a meeting at 9.30am. After the meeting I took the bus to Spitalfields where I sat down at Starbucks for some organization of my computer which is a complete mess. At 1pm I went to The Shop (located off Brick Lane) where my lovely lovely friend Jenny works and fell in love with a prairie dress, Laura Ashley actually, that my other wonderful friend Matthew bought me:) I think to have me happy smiley! After a Long Long chat and lots of laughter together with Jenny it was time for me to go back to Dulwich; so now I am sitting here working at my love Franklins.

Clockwise from top left: Beauty from my morning walk in Dulwich. My outfit today:) A dress from Beyond Retro full of butterflies made complete with my Swede backpack Fjallraven. A mural within a pub by Spitalfieds Market which is called Spitalfields in ye Olden Time; Visiting a Weavers Shop. And lastly but most importantly:) Me in my new Laura Ashley dress inside the wonderful vintage store called The Shop.

How I Feel at the Moment:

Take my hand 
I trust your word 
Bring the fire 
I don’t care if it hurts 
I have the future 
On my tongue 
Give me a kiss 

Now I can see 
The whole world is mine 
I can touch and feel 
So I feed you my love 
-I Feed You My Love by Karina Park, Robin Lynch & Nicklas Olovson for Margaret Berger

Alice Solantania Saga
(text taken from Lyrics Freak)

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