Monday, May 13, 2013

Diary 218: A Weekend

Ohlalala!! What a weekend it has been. It started Friday morning with a usual morning walk that ended with me being so tired I almost had to take a cab back home...!!! I became severely ill on Friday. Saturday therefore I was forced to stay in my house, and that was sheer brilliance because that made me better for Sunday. Thank you Thank you Matthew for painkillers, newspapers, coffee, soya milk and all else, how would I have survived without your kindness this weekend??? Anyhow, yesterday I was much much better:) Spent time reading newspapers at Franklins and then went over to Matthew's house where he cooked a lovely dinner. Today was a wilderness park walk and sunshine. Now back in my home called East Dulwich. Rollercoaster weekend to say the least.

Images top to bottom: 1 Friday morning entering Dulwich Woods. 2 My garden with my neighbours lovely cat:). 3 Newspapers at love Franklins. 4&5 There was cute festival in East Dulwich yesterday. The sun came out and so did the whole of Dulwich. Love day's like this. All the happiness. 6 Me today:) Amish Pippi Longstocking. Dress from Portobello Road Market. 7 Me in a wild mix of scarves & cardigans with a dress. 8 Yesterday's dinner:). 9 Elmers End with a Matthew. 10 BEAUTY for Today (as created by Ralph at Franklins).

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