Thursday, June 06, 2013

A Wonderful Barbie Bombshell Solantania Thursday

Went to Bleach today to have my roots done by my lovely colorist Bradley! For me coming to Bleach is to enter another world, the magic one of the hairdressers:) I basically grew up in a hair salon because my step mother owned one ( together with her sister) called Coquette ( it's where I got my name for my future project), and I viewed them as the most glamorous women on planet earth ( I especially looked up to her sister, I mean what child sees her mother/ step mother in such a light?).

After me going beautifully blonde again I went to Selfridges to pick up a copy of Crash Magazine where my Child in Time story is published:) Very happy.

Today's outfit is a flamenco style turquoise dress I bought from a tiny shop on Etsy together with my flowery print Burberry ballerinas.

Happy Thursday Beautiful People. X Linda Portman

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